After Prom Party

Each year the Sauquoit Valley Foundation contributes to the “After Prom Party”, a valuable event run and funded by parent volunteers and generous contributions from the community.  A safe, alcohol and drug free night of fun is available to every Sauquoit Valley Junior and Senior, as well as, every attendee of the prom.

This unforgettable night includes a DJ, lots of food and usually lasts until 3 A.M.!  Approximately 125 students attend; all receive goody bags and are eligible to win one of the 90+ gift certificates that are raffled off as door prizes during the night!  Throughout the night students use “Sauquoit Valley money” to play assorted Casino games.  At the end of the evening students use their earnings to bid on auction items.  Prizes have included golf packages, water park tickets, ski passes, a digital camera, navigation system, luggage and a variety of gift certificates.  For the grand finale, the names of Sauquoit Valley juniors or seniors IN ATTENDANCE are drawn for the Grand Prizes. In past years, students have won an IPAD, $200 gift certificate and a 32” color TV!  Every year the After Prom Party is able to giveaway over $6500 worth of prizes!  It is your generosity that makes this indispensable night achievable.

Please consider a charitable donation to continue making this safe and memorable night possible for our students.