About Us

The Sauquoit Valley Foundation was created in 2004 by a handful of community members who saw a need to form a non-profit, independent foundation that continually builds an endowment used to fund projects and programs for the Sauquoit Valley Central School and community. The Sauquoit Valley Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors and we meet at 7 PM the first Monday of each month at the high school library.  Meetings are open to the public, we welcome people with good ideas who are anxious to pitch in and help. Our mission is to promote and support excellence in the Sauquoit Valley community.

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List of Officers:

President – Clare Ferguson Fahy

Vice President – Kristy Christian

Treasurer – Lynn Shaw

Recording Secretary – Mary Jo Parker

Corresponding Secretary – Joanne Eisinger

Board Members – Kathy Puleo Briggs,  Carol Dunlay, Paul Brockett, Becky Canaguier

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